Tennessee Sounds Good to Me

State of Tennessee
School Report Card 2000

East High

Memphis City School System
Mr. Johnnie Watson, Director

Grades Served 7-12
Students 1,551

White 2.3%
Black 95.4%
Hispanic 0.1%
Asian 2.2%
Native American 0.0%
Free/Reduced Price Meals 56.9%
Special Education Tested 3.5%

  Expulsions Suspensions
White 0 0 1 2.4%
Black 9 0.5% 187 10.8%
Hispanic 0 0 0 0
Asian 0 0 6 15.0%
Native American n/a n/a n/a n/a
Total 9 0.5% 194 10.7%
Male 7 0.8% 113 13.4%
Female 2 0.2% 81 8.4%


Grades K-8 Student Performance Achievement Value Added/Gain
Academics Reading Deficient Deficient
Grade Scale
A - Exemplary
B - Above Avg.
C - Average
D - Below Avg.
F - Deficient
Language Arts Below Avg. Below Avg.
Math Deficient Deficient
Science Deficient Deficient
Social Studies Deficient Deficient
4th Grade Writing n/a  
7th Grade Writing Average  
Non-Academics Attendance Below Avg.  
  Promotion Deficient  

9-12 Student Performance

  Achievement Value Added/Gain
Academics Gateway Exam: To be administered
beginning 2001-02
    Algebra I
  English II
ACT Deficient  
SAT Below Avg.  
11th Grade Writing Above Avg.  
Competency Test Math Below Avg.  
Language Arts Average  
Both Deficient  
Non-Academics Attendance Below Avg.  

*The degree of certainty in test scores is related to the size of the tested population.
*Grades are based on varying scales and cannot be averaged.

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