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Individual Reunions
Class of 1968

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Here we show pictures of classmates reunited as individuals or small groups. If you have a reunion photograph of  two members of the Class of '68 or a small group of those class members, we'd like to share it with everyone by posting it here. Contact us at

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Impromptu Reunion?
Betsy says, "Sometimes it's nice to have old friends in high places."
Jack's just glad she doesn't drive in his jurisdiction very often!
Photo taken summer, 2002.

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Diane and Betsy visited with each other in the summer of 2002. They didn't have anything to tell one another. And if you believe that, we have this bridge that's for sale.

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Another great evening! In November, 2004, Dana, Patti, Debbie, Patt, Pat, Ken (not pictured), and Debby's husband Bill (also not pictured) got together for dinner in Memphis. Ken was excluded from the picture because he was busy taking such a lousy lighted one here.

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Dana, Kathy, and Ken have gotten together several times in the Dallas, Texas, area during the mid 2000s. Here they are in late 2004.

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Kathy, Mim, Dana, and Ken met in April, 2005, at the Gaylord Texas Resort in the Dallas metro area.

Kathy and Dana were in Memphis in August, 2006, and several classmates visited with them. Click for more pictures from this gathering.
Individuals reunion, December, 2006
Jimmy and his wife Connie visit with other classmates in December, 2006. Click for more pictures from this gathering.
Individuals reunion, Destin, FL, 2004-2007
At least once a year Carol, Clare, Joy, Liz and Lynn get together with Florence and Beth for a reunion in Destin. Here are some pictures from 2004-2007. Click for more pictures from these gatherings.

Getting together from time to time for hikes in east Tennessee are East alumni  (right to left) Eddie (associated with the class of '69), Mim ('68), Luke ('67), and Ken ('68). This photo is from their September, 2007, hike.

Clement, Luke ('67), and Ken W. (not pictured) visited in May, seen here where they had brunch across from East High School, which is in the picture in the background.

Where are the last names?

Okay, so you've noticed we aren't using last names on this page (or on others with pictures of alumni). The reason goes back to 1997 when we shot pictures at a reunion for the first time for posting on The East High Alumni Page. A woman from the class of '72, I believe it was, requested her name not be posted and we got to thinking that as a matter of personal protection, that might not be a bad idea. So we try not to post last names with pictures we take.

If you can't figure out who is who, are clearly a member of the appropriate class, e-mail us and we'll give fuller identities for these or any other pictures we have, if we know who the people are.


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