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Wanted: Alumni For A Board of Advisors For
The East High Alumni Page

The East High Alumni Page should be more than the ideas of one person. While those who came up with the idea of the page and some of you who have participated by sending in your profiles have contributed ideas and more, it is time to consider a broader range of input. Therefore, The East High Alumni Page is soliciting a board of advisors to guide the direction of the page over the coming years.

We seek a broad representation of graduating classes but at the same time plan to keep the number on the board to a reasonably low number. Anyone considering helping in this manner should have a sincere interest in promoting alumni communication and a high quality alumni page presentation, be willing to frequently look at our alumni page, and to commmunicate and work with other members of the board of advisors and the "webmasters" to make suggestions regarding our page.

As envisioned at this time, the board of advisors would discuss ideas for the page among themselves and the webmasters and when a concensus is reached make suggestions to the webmasters. When the webmasters have a question regarding the page or a submission to the page, that question is likely to be sumitted to the board of advisors for discussion.

The board of advisors could operate to ensure continuation of our alumni web page should circumstances dictate that the current webmasters could not maintain it.

Basically, this volunteer activity is not expected to take much time of those serving on the board of advisors. Most communications would probably be done via the Internet. Our founding sponsor, Welch & Associates, will consider providing e-mail mailboxes to members of the board if they so desire. While access to the Internet is highly desirable because members of the board need to frequently take a look at what we are doing and it's an easy way to communicate, such access is not absolutely required.

If you have an interest in serving on the board of advisors for The East High Alumni Page, please send an indication of your interest via e-mail to telling us why you would like to participate in this way.


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