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The East High Alumni Page March, 2000

Four Years:
400 Profiles

January 19, 2000, marked the fourth anniversary for The East High Alumni Page. The page contained 400 profiles on that date. On our anniversary, the visitor count stood at 16,793.

New Color Layout?

The East High Alumni Page is considering changing the look of many of its pages to make them easier to read. We are currently asking alumni to take a look at a sample page and let us know if they like the change we are considering or not. Information on the possible change and a sample page is available from
from this link.

News Needed

Everyone is encouraged to bring to our attention any information which might be of significant interest to the East High alumni community. If you have something you think might be interesting or important to East alumni, let us know. You may e-mail us at the same address,

Counting Mustangs
Here are the statistics of how many new alumni profiles we added in the past few months:
August: 13
September: 10
October: 22
November: 6
December: 6
January: 9
February: 11

New profiles are tagged as such for about a month on our alphabetical listing page.

Vital Statistics

Since our last publication of this page, we have received notice of the following:

The death of Rose Tinnin ('95);
The death of Debbie Henrich ('72);
The death of Bobby Gammon ('62);
The death of Leslie E. Eason ('51);
the death of Steve Turner ('65);
the death of Tim Eaton, associated with the class of '66;
the death of Jeff Weintraub's ('67) sister Nina;
the death of Cameron Frechette's ('69) son, Jared;
the death of Erin McDaniel Boyd, mother of Charles McDaniel ('60) and Larry McDaniel. ('69)

The East High Alumni Page maintains pages for alumni obituaries, hospitalizations, and sympathy for alumni who have lost family members.

The Mustang Roundup Alumni Edition is published on an ad-hoc basis on the World Wide Web by The East High Alumni Page ( and is an independent Web publication. Neither the Alumni Edition nor The East High Alumni Page is officially associated with East High School or Memphis City Schools.

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Reunion Season
to Start Early

The year 2000 runion season kicks off early this year with the Class of 1960 gathering April 14 and 15, 2000. Two other big reunions are known to be well into the final preparation stages. The Class of 1970 has a real treat planned for its members June 23 and 24. The Class of 1975 wraps up the alumni season with festivities on August 5th and 6th.

The Reunion Committee's for the Classes of 1970 and 1975 began working in ernest on the upcoming reunions about a year in advance. The planning has been impressive and should result in fun times. The editor have little knowledge of the Class of 1960 reunion at this point. The information we do have on all of the scheduled reunions is posted on our Reunions pages.

Reunion information is treated as a priority and typically we will post updates as soon as they are available. If you have information about an East High class reunion, whether you are a reunion committee member or not, let us know about it. You can contact us via e-mail at

Full Page Mustang Roundup
Alumni Edition Stumbles

When we began this full page edition in July, 1999, we had hopes of publishing it monthly. We have failed to do so. The page has not been updated since August until this issue.

The primary cause of the underachievement is the lack of time on the part of the editor to produce this page monthly. There is no lack of story ideas. However, researching the stories and producing the page, while a rewarding experience, does take time. Although this issue finally broke the long delays in publication, it does not contain the stories we had planned because of the time required to produce them.

Invitations for seasoned alumni with high interest in alumni affairs, and East itself, to assist as editors of The Mustang Roundup Alumni Edition were unsuccessful in getting continuing help.

At this point the editor cannot determine what the likely schedule for publication of this page may be. Monthly consideration is still a possibility, though quarterly might be a more realistic expectation. For now, publication will be on an ad-hoc schedule. The editor regrets that lack of specificity.

High Profile Alumnus May Quiet
After New Marriage

One of the highest profile alumni of East High School, Kirk Fordice ('52), has completed his two terms as governor of Mississippi and returned to private life in January. Two terms is the maximum time allowed as the state's chief executive officer.

Fordice's terms were not without considerable controversy, both in public policy and personal issues. While the policy debates may be behind him, he announced one more major personal task to complete: marriage to East alumnus Ann Garber Creson ('52). According to Fordice, the marriage was scheduled for February 26 in the Virgin Islands at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on St. Thomas.

East Football Wins State

If you live outside of Memphis and haven't visited The East High Alumni Page's In the News section, you may have missed East's athletic accomplishment this school year. The high school football team won the state class 4A championship. It was the most successful football season in East's history. The record was 13 wins and 2 losses.

The previous best successes of the East football team are unknown to this publication. However, we have information that some of the early achievements included the first winning season in autumn of 1957, and in the fall of 1961 the to-then highest level of achievement, playing in the "Blind Game," a game for the city's third and fourth place teams.

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