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Monthly The East High Alumni Page August, 1999

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For the past couple of years, The East High Alumni Page's home page on the World Wide Web has been published in two separate formats. The purpose was to allow those with older web browsers to view the page even though some of those older browsers could not handle the then "advanced" page design elements on the primary page. For several months, an announcement has been on The East High Alumni Page seeking responses from anyone whose browser needed the simpler format. None have been received. Therefore, unless we do get immediate requests to continue it, the "alternate page" will be discontinued as of September 1, 1999.
The main web browser function required to display The East High Alumni Page's primary design properly is the rendering of tables. The two most popular browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer have been handling tables more or less successfully for two years or more. While we know that some computers may still have early versions of the web browsers installed, we suspect that, since they are free, most people have upgraded in the past two years. If you haven't, we hope you have a good reason for not doing so because you are missing some nice features.
Also, if The East High Alumni Page just doesn't look right on your Web browser, we'd like to know so we can determine if we need to make adjustments to cater to frequently used browser programs. We know there are different renderings of some of our pages between Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer (and between versions of the same brand), but none of the differences, as far as we know, among recent vintages of these browsers makes the page unpresentable.

Note to AOL Users
Some 17-million subscribers use America On-Line (AOL). For those using it to browse the Web, they have some special problems. First, the browser bundled with both AOL version 3.0 and version 4.0 is Internet Explorer (IE), version 3. That browser is getting kind of old, at the time of this writing Microsoft is up to version 5. Some features included in the design of The East High Alumni Page do not display on the old IE version 3 exactly as planned. However, we have not noted any distortion so bad as to render the page unreadable.
Another complaint we have received about AOL is that sometimes people get a report that the web server containing The East High Alumni Page cannot be found, does not exist, or is busy. In every case we've witnessed and tested, this is a false report, probably associated with AOL having too much traffic itself. When we have duplicated this problem, access to The East High Alumni Page was available a few minutes later. Also, we remind users there are two other addresses (URL's in Internet-speak) other than that can get you to our Web sites. The address will take you to the exact same Web server(s) as A "mirror" site is also available. If you wish to bookmark or make it a favorite, you may click on
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You notice that in the above discussion of Web sites, we used the word mirror in quotes. That's because our "mirror" site is not a true mirror. Some functions and pages available on the primary site are not available on the "mirror" site if the primary site is down or Internet pathways to it are blocked. That is because some programs only run on the primary server, and some higher capacity pages, like those containing reunion pictures, are only on the primary server. If the primary server is running, then you should be able to access everything on the "mirror" site just as you would on the primary site.
If you have repeated trouble accessing The East High Alumni Page, let us know at A lot of work goes on to bring you our alumni page and we want it to be readily available to you.
Another problem with the Web browser that comes with AOL, and perhaps all Internet Explorer browsers, is a setting to use compressed graphics. This sometimes decreases the quality, or prohibits the transmission of some pictures entirely. If you are using Internet Explorer to view The East High Alumni Page, we suggest you change the option in your browser to not use compression on graphics.
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We seem to find that those who graduated from East 15 or more years ago are the most interested and dedicated to this publication, so we are specifically interested in those alumni contacting us if they are interested in co-editing The East High Alumni Page. E-mail us at
All co-editor positions are voluntary and unpaid positions.

Counting Mustangs
In the month of July, 21 new alumni profiles were added to The East High Alumni Page. New profiles are tagged as such for about a month on our alphabetical listing page.

Vital Statistics

During the previous month, we received the following notices:

The death of
Mrs. Dorothy Burns Krause,
East librarian 1958-68, June 23, 1999. See additional story in this edition of the Mustang Roundup Alumni Edition and the obituary on our obituary page.

The East High Alumni Page maintains pages for alumni obituaries, hospitalizations, and sympathy for alumni who have lost family members.

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Annex Renovation Delayed

The scheduled renovation of the Annex at East High School has been delayed indefinitely by a federal lawsuit challenging the school board's construction programs designed to increase participation by minorities and females in the industry. In February, 1998, the Associated Builders and Contractors and seven companies filed suit claiming that the school board's "goals" of 25 to 35% minority/female participation in construction projects have become quotas. In March of this year, a federal judge ordered the Memphis City Schools to stop considering race and gender when awarding contracts.
Construction of a downtown school and projects to air condition several schools are also on hold.
At present, the annex, built in 1951 to relieve the overcrowding at East, is used for storage and for offices for building engineers. It was closed for class use in the in the mid 1980's. After the still-planned renovation is completed, the annex will remain office space rather than for classroom use, according to school sources.

Accident Took First
Principal 35-Years Ago
by Beth Gooch (Class of 1975)

This summer marks the 35th anniversary of the death of East High's first principal, Joel P. Snider.Mr. J.P. Snider
Mr. Snider apparently possessed a quality not always found in school principals.
"He was cool," said Nancy Gooch Luke (class of '66) who teaches first grade in Huntsville, Ala.
"He drove a Jaguar," said Jack Bradley (class of '65) assistant managing editor at The Commercial Appeal.
Speaking of the newspaper, an obituary in the July 30, 1964, edition reads:

"Joel P. Snider of 1058 Peabody, longtime Memphis educator and the first and only principal of East High School, died at Campbell Clinic and Hospital at 7:40 last night from injuries received in a car-truck crash near Savannah, Tenn., about 3:30 p.m. He was 60.
"Mr. Snider's car collided with a pickup truck eight miles west of Savannah on a rain-slick highway.
"He was taken to Hardin County General Hospital in Savannah for emergency treatment then moved to Memphis where he died.
"State troopers said Mr. Snider's car collided on a curve with the truck driven by Franklin Perry Hill, 38, of Olive Hill, Tenn. ... No charges were filed pending further investigation.
"Born in Hampton Roads, Va., Mr. Snider was educated at the University of Virginia where he received his bachelor's and master's degree and was chosen to Phi Beta Kappa.
"He came to Memphis in 1926 and taught at Memphis University School until 1934. From 1934 until 1936 he taught at Treadwell Junior High and from 1936-1939 at Humes High School.
"In 1939 he was named principal of Leroy Pope School where he remained until 1943. From 1943-1948 he was principal at Snowden School.
"In 1948 he was named the principal of East High School when it opened.
Summer classes at the school will be suspended today in Mr. Snider's memory.
"Mrs. Arthur Seessel, a member of the Board of Education whose son studied under Mr. Snider said, 'I'm shocked. This is certainly a tragic loss to the community.
" ' My son went to high school under him and I hold Mr. Snider in high professional regard as well as having a deep personal feeling for him. Excuse me, please, but I am shocked.'
"... Mr. Snider was a member of St. Mary's Cathedral (Episcopal.) He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Coyle Shea Jr. of 5669 Gwynne Cove, .... and six grandchildren.
"Burial will be in Forest Hill Cemetery with Memphis Funeral Home in charge."

The Real Mr. East High
Opinion by Ken Welch, editor
Mustang Roundup Alumni Edition
One of the traditions at East High School is the election of seniors to receive the honor of the title of Mr. East High and Miss East High. Those students were to represent the best of East seniors. However, there is probably one person who best represents the honorable attributes East developed and strives to meet today. That, of course, is the late J. P. Snider, the first principal of East High School. Mr. Snider set a foundation that guided East's direction for decades, and has now been missed for decades. He was, as the saying goes, a legend in his own time. Respected and befriended by students, honored and supported by parents, Mr. Snider's influence in thousands of people's lives would be difficult to underestimate. This is not to overlook the dedication and contributions made by so many other faculty and staff members who have served at East. It took many people create the type of school East High was from its inception. To them all former students are indebted. The leader whose vision made it happen was Mr. Snider.
So when I look in an Annual and see the picture of Mr. East High, no matter what year that yearbook was published, I will appreciate the student named Mr. & Miss East High, but I will always think of the real Mr. East High: Mr. Joel P. Snider.

Graduation Site to Fall

Demolition has begun on the building where many East High students took their final steps from high school on to the rest of their lives. The Auditorium, known for much of the time East used it for graduation ceremonies as Ellis Auditorium, is to be torn down to make room for a new addition to the Memphis Cook Convention Center. The 75-year old building will be replaced by a new Performing Arts facility.
Although as a part of their high school experience, most East graduates who received their diplomas at Ellis Auditorim only spent a few hours in the building. It's not likely something of which they think when someone asks about their high school years. But when such an alumnus takes a moment to remember graduation, there may be a tug of sentiment for the downtown Auditorium where she/he spent those final moments of being a student which then progressed to being a graduate. Some may vividly recall their moment of glory as they walked across the stage to the appreciation of parents and friends in the audience to receive a piece of paper which represented 12 years of work.
The salvage company coordinating the demolition has announced that pieces of the stage will be made available for sale as keepsakes. At least one class representative has expressed interest in obtaining part of the floorboards which supported the last steps to graduation.

Transition Causes Web Site Outage

From the evening of Friday, July 9 through the following Tuesday, the main Web site of The East High Alumni Page was inaccessible.
Our Internet address, a numerical designation of our location on the Internet, changed on Friday evening, and while some outage was expected, access was disrupted for a longer period than anticipated. A new Internet provider took much more time than expected to get some required data to work on their system. While the outage was underway, Web users who looked for probably got an error message, and some may have gotten a Web site for geriatric consulting. Once the Internet provider resolved its problem, access was restored.
While our main site was unavailable, our
"mirror" site remained accessible. However, some functions, such as the information submission form, and some pages were not available because they rely on our main Web site. Our Web servers were actually operational the entire time of the problem but there was nothing we could do, other than talk with the Internet provider, and we just had to wait until others solved their problems.
The change in Internet addresses was mandated by acquisitions of Internet firms which led to poorer response and higher costs.

Dorothy Krause Dead at 95
East Librarian 1958-1968

The lady who worked in one of the quietest rooms has been silenced by death. According to our yearbooks, Mrs. Dorothy Burns Krause came to East about 1958 and retired after the 1968 school year. She died June 23 at Bright Glade Convalescent Center at the age of 95.
In response to a letter of sympathy sent by The East High Alumni Page, a daughter of Mrs. Krause wrote that Mrs. Krause spoke of enjoying her time at East and that several students kept in contact with Mrs. Krause after she retired.
Probably every faculty member at East is remembered differently by many students. Mrs. Krause is remembered by many as the nice lady behind the counter who gave straightforward answers to questions about library research.
obituary is available in The East High Alumni Page's obituary section.

New Feature on The East High Alumni Page
Class Memorabilia Focus

Class Classics is new feature introduced to The East High Alumni Page this month. It is a separate page available for each class year which will hold recollections and images of memoribilia that are particularly and narrowly relevant to that class. Our
Memories page continues to be the place for recollections that are interesting to alumni from a wide range of classes. An example of a Class Classics page exists for the Class of 1968. Our Class Classics pages depend on you, East alumni, making the material available--The East High Alumni Page has no source of information for the content of these new feature pages except for you. Contact us at if you have something to include. These new pages will only exist for classes for which material has been submitted, and access will be by a link on the specific class' directory page. We hope you will find these Class Classics pages are a lot of fun and hope you will send us material to be included for your class.

The August edition of the Mustang Roundup Alumni Edition was not posted until August 3, 1999. The "editor" was just ran out of time and energy to get it finished by August 1 and regrets the delay.

The Next full page edition of the Mustang Roundup Alumni Edition is scheduled for publication September 1, 1999.

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