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Venturing into the attic, an East alumnus found this wonderful piece of memorabilia from May 29, 1955, for the Class of 1955:

Selected portion: baccalaureate Service order-of-service for the Class of 1955

There are two items of general East High historical significance in this document. It mentions East having a total enrollment of 2,391 from the first through the twelfth grades. That's the highest number by far that the editor of The East High Alumni Page has ever seen attributed to the student population. Further verification is desirable. Also, the architect of our beautiful school, Everett Woods is mentioned as being a deacon at Second Presbyterian Church, where the baccalaureate was held. Second Presbyterian was host to baccalaureate services for East graduating classes for many years, perhaps all years that baccalaureates were held for East seniors.


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