Profile (or other items) displaying improperly with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7?

If you see problems with the display or layout of our pages, please let us know by e-mail us at

We have found some parts of our web pages were not displaying as intended when viewed with the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.  The first non-beta release of this product was made October 18, 2006.

The problem we have noticed was that in some cases one or more lines of text in a profile (or perhaps other text data)  was abruptly cut off on the right side with no opportunity to scroll to see more of the sentence, or if scrolling was available it still does not reveal any additional text.  The text did not properly wrap to the next line properly.

We know how to fix this issue, we just may not have discovered and applied the fix in all areas. So your help in letting us know if you see any more of this problem would be appreciated.

While this problem does not appear in current version of Firefox or Opera, we cannot fault Microsoft. Years of legacy web page methodology, including that originated by Microsoft, which has not been continued in current standards still exist on our pages since our alumni web site has been around so long. Various browsers adjust to this coding to various degrees, IE 7 apparently less so than the others.

Thank you.

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