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Mrs. Ann Daws  Mrs. Ann Daws's Classes

Editors Note:  Mrs. Daws is listed (and pictured) among the first faculty at East in 1948. The photograph below from 1966-67 indicates she likely had taught at East for 19 years at that point. It is said, by those who were among early faculty members at East, and also had been general knowledge among the public, that the original administration and faculty for East were especially selected for their excellence to serve in the new school. Mrs. Daws apparently having taught at least 19 years earns the editor's great appreciation and respect.

Mrs. Daws 2nd grade class 1967-68.
Mrs. Daws second grade class for the 1966-67 school year.

Photograph courtesy of Mike Warner (associated with the Class of '77)

Mrs. Daws and Williams sisters

The following photo of Mrs. Daws and some of her students appeared in The Commercial Appeal's Memphis Memories column August 29, 2008, having first appeared in the newspaper on the same date in 1960.

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