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The Early History of East High School

East Opens September 1, 1948

On September 1, 1948*, East High School first opened its doors to the students in its area. East, the seventh Memphis public high school, proudly stands as a truly modern and magnificent work of architecture. The first principal of East High School was Mr. J. P. Snider.

Student Council Created

In 1949 East's first Student Council--consisting of a president, vice-president and secretary--was organized to serve the student body.

The "Annex" Added

In the fall of 1950**, East's first structural addition, the "Annex," was completed. Also that year East High joined the Memphis Prep League, and the Mustang gridders registered their first league win against Humes High School.

First Graduating Class

In the spring of 1951 East High graduated its first senior class composed of ninety seniors. A composite picture of the first senior class was posted over the inside entrance to the library. East received its charter from the National Honor Society in the fall of 1951.

The Auditorium Built

East's second addition came in the fall of 1954 when its beautiful auditorium was built. The auditorium, with a seating capacity of 1,400, is situated directly behind the main foyer of the school.

Twelve Year Club

The first Twelve Year Club, composed of those students who had attended East from the first through twelfth grade, was organized by its members in 1959.

The Ideals

Each year a large majority of our graduates enter universities and colleges in all parts of the country. We at East are proud of the records our graduates are making at college and in the business world, for they are using the ideals learned at East High School. The ideals make East not just a good school, but a great one.

Adapted from the East High Student Handbook, published by the 1960-61 Student Council

*Records differ on the date of the first day of school. A 1960-61 school publication lists September 1, 1948. The school's principal in 1998 said his records suggested September 3, and the local newspaper in 1998 reported that newspaper accounts of the time indicated September 7, 1948, was the first day of school at East.

**There is other information to dispute the timing of the building and opening of the annex. Noteably, a newspaper article indicating bids were opened in January, 1951 for the 9 room addition.

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