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East Apparently Fails to Meet Standards for
No Child Left Behind
Annual Yearly Progress, 2005

August 2, 2005 - The Tennessee Department of Education has issued information about public schools "Annual Yearly Progress" (AYP) evalutions under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program.

East High School has been designated deficient in meeting NCLB requirements in reading, language arts, writing proficency and/or advancement for grades 7 and 8. The grades 9-12 did meet the NCLB AYP requirements. (see

Therefore, East High School has been assigned the status of "restructuring 2" by the state.

The editor of The East High Alumni Page is not sufficiently familiar with the state's implementation of the NCLB act and cannot adequately interpret the consequences of this designation.

However, in a Tennessee Department of Education document entitled, "No Child Left Behind  What happens to schools that don’t meet federal benchmarks" the term "restructuring 2" appears only once with the following notation:

YEAR 6: “RESTRUCTURING 2 (ALTERNATIVE GOVERNANCE)” At this stage, the State Department of Education will implement the plan devised when the school entered Restructuring 1.

The information in the same document referring to stage   "restructuring 1" provides:

YEAR 5: “RESTRUCTURING 1” The school district will prepare a plan for restructuring the school or district with options including conversion to a charter school, replacing existing staff, taking over management or contracting with a university to take over management.

A United States Department of Education document at states:

If a school fails to make adequate yearly progress for a fifth year, the school district must initiate plans for restructuring the school. This may include reopening the school as a charter school, replacing all or most of the school staff or turning over school operations either to the state or to a private company with a demonstrated record of effectiveness.

The East High Alumni Page is seeking additional information about the situation at East High School regarding its 2005 AYP results and resulting "restructuring 2" designation and will publish information as it becomes available.


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