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The East High Alumni Page presents:

1938 Aerial Photo of the Campus Area of the Future East High School
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

The area that was to become the East High Campus is bounded by the red line. The street that is now to the north, Walnut Grove Road, did not exist, at least not as a regular road. East of Holmes, that street did exist in some form, but it was known as Union. Poplar "Boulevard" was to the south, and the western border was then, as now, Cypress Creek. There are recollections, and some documentation, that prior to being purchased by the city school system in 1944, the property was used for a riding stable, a golf driving range, and an archery range. The 37 acres were purchased for $75,754.24, an "all time high for acreage so far out." Two years after the purchase, construction began on the new school building in 1946. The doors opened for classes in September, 1948 and construction was completed later that year.
1938 aerial photo of property that was to become the East High campus

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