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2005-2007 Renovation of East High School
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee


August 1, 2007 - A photo tour of the renovation project in a Mustang Roundup — Alumni Edition
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Other than the additions of 1951, 1954, and 1962 and the demolition of the Annex in 2003, East High School is probably undergoing the greatest changes in its appearace since construction was completed in 1948.

The multi-million dollar renovation ($11-14.5 million, depending on various estimates) of East High is underway, beginning in late 2005 and expected to continue until the spring of 2007. It includes changes to the school to make access easier for those with disabilities, renovation of the auditorium and expansion of the gymnasium, among other changes.

East High School has been the subject of renovation plans for several years. There was a $16-million dollar plan expected to get underway about 2003 but it did not happen. In 2004 a plan was finalized, approved, and got underway in 2005.

School documents provide the following information:
Despite the many positive features of East High School, the facility has several needs that impact the school's environment and safety. East has no handicapped accessible entrances and needs a handicapped accessible elevator between the basement and upper floors of the high school. Other needs include an improved ventilation system in the basement and an upgrade of the HVAC system. Doors in the gym are too small, and gym windows arc covered with tin and will not open. Overall, the school needs a sprinkler system and the fire doors need to be upgraded. Currently, we have 52 fire alarms and second doors have been added to classrooms in the basement, which have no windows.

East High is currently going through renovation in several of its facilities.

  •  Phase I: 10/15/05-2/15/06, Auditorium upgrade: ADA (American with Disabilities Act)
  •  Phase IB: 510/06-9/1/06, Gymnasium, all necessary upgrades, ADA, ramps, and door handles.

   •  Phase II: 2/15/06-5/10/06, West wing, North end, all 3 floors, all necessary upgrades, ADA, one elevator added, two ADA restrooms.

•  General: 6/1/06-8/15/06, Center wing, second and third floors, necessary upgrades, ADA, ramps to exterior, and railings.

East High School is in the planning stages of implementing a $131,510.00 grant from the Pfizer Foundation. This grant will be used to renovate the old home economics lab in room 210 into a science laboratory for biotechnology.