The East High Class of 1972
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Reunion

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee


Friday Night's activities
Saturday night's activities

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Smiles, Hugs, and Handshakes
The greetings were warm and sincere among the Class of '72

July 18, 1997 - The ambient sound resembled that of the East High cafeteria at noon those many years ago. Happy voices visiting with friends.
        The 25th anniversary reunion of the East High Class of 1972 got underway tonight at The Palm Court in Overton Square in midtown Memphis. Activities officially began at 8pm and by 9 o'clock about 50 people had gathered. More were expected later.
        "Everyone's excited about it."
        Reunion organizer Stan Beaty, who spent the better part of a year arranging events and contacting fellow alumni, said about 65 former class members had indicated they would be able to attend one or more of the reunion activities. The class is believed to have graduated 194 people. Despite letters, phone calls, and announcements on the World Wide Web, organizers were unable to locate about 25 percent of the class members, according to Beaty.
        Expected attendees were to include people traveling considerable distances. They include Brock Brown from Washington state, Debbie Kaplan from southern Florida, and maybe Carol Tiffin from Maine. For some, it may be the first time they've been in contact since graduation. An observer noted very genuine smiles as old friends renewed and reviewed their associations.
        Friday night's cocktail reception and buffet was the opening event in the two day reunion. It continues Saturday night with a dinner at the Rendezvous restaurant in downtown Memphis. One planned activity had to be cancelled, however. The tour of East High was scrapped after officials refused requests to open the school for the group.
        Stan Beaty said that discussions had already begun about when the next reunion should be held. "We're trying to figure out right now as we speak, during the 25 year reunion, whether or not there is going to be a 30 or 35. Right now the current plan is to get together with classes above the class of '72 and below the class of '72 to see if we can't go ahead and have a joint 31, 30 year, 29 year reunion." He indicated he expected that one way of keeping classmates informed and discussing the events would be The East High Alumni Page.
        Asked about the work involved in organizing a reunion, Beaty had encouraging words for others who might be thinking about taking the lead in bringing their classes back together. "It's actually been fun. For all of the challenge and pain this thing has been, its really been a rewarding experience. I've enjoyed it."
        "Twenty-five years!" one class member exclaimed excitedly. It's not known if that was in response to a question how long it had been since she had seen the friend to whom she was talking or just a reaction to the realization of how long it had been since East. Many of these people spent every weekday together for 9 months each year for many years, some for their entire primary and secondary schooling. Then came the inevitable separation by time and direction after graduation. For the Class of 1972, school is back in session again for a few brief classes where the subject is old friends--good friends.

Rendezvous at the Rendezvous
The classy final act in the Class of '72 25-year Reuion
July 19, 1997 - For many, the count beings again now. How long from this point until they see these people again, most likely at the next reunion.
      The twenty-fifth anniversary reunion of the East High Class of 1972 has come to an end.
      Don Carpenter summed it up pretty well as the festivities concluded. "I've had a great time. Great time! We had a ball."
      The dinner at the Rendezvous was the final event in the formal reunion activities. As the evening concluded about nine o'clock, some class members made plans to continue their celebration at The Peabody.
      The organizer of the reunion, Stan Beaty took to standing on a chair shortly before the end of the dinner to address the class and thank them for their participation. He specifically thanked as a group those who came from out of town to attend. Beaty gave honors to those who have been busy over the years with other activities, pointing out those who had the most children. He went on to recognize those who helped with the planning and reunion itself...and those who didn't. Beaty was loudly applauded for his effort to make this reunion happen. He called on the class members to think about the next reunion and the possibility of a joint reunion with the classes of '71 and '73 in about five years.
      Now, the Class of 1972 has more memories of East friends to carry with them over the years.
      "It's like going back in a time tunnel," said Georgi Lewis. "It's a lot of fun coming back and seeing everybody after 25 years. I strongly recommend it."
      The Class of '72 reunion appeared to be a big success.
      Brock Brown, who jump-seated a Federal Express flight to Memphis was the most distant class member to attend and he indicated that traveling with the packages was well worth it.
      "Thanks to Stan who put it together. Had a wonderful time and wouldn't have missed it."

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