Searching For Old East Friends

Help Track Them Down!

Former students or faculty are specifically trying to find the alumni listed below. If you know how to contact these people, or know others who may know how, please ask around and send your information back to the individual who is searching (see important note below)*. Simply click on searcher's name and an e-mail form will appear for them if they have supplied an e-mail address. If they have no e-mail address, the searcher's name will be linked to their class year page and you may find how to contact them by the information in their profile. And don't forget to tell each East alumni you contact about The East High Alumni Page!
If you are a searcher with a listing on this page, please notify us when/if you receive contact information so that we may remove the search listing.

Members of the class of 1967 -- the reunion committee is looking for you. See your class reunion page.
Charlie Safley ('59) -- Linda Steele Graham is searching for you.
Ivy Freeman ('90 or '91) -- Brenda Jordan is searching for you.
Arah Devereaux (class year unknown) -- Stan Rogers ('69) is searching for you.
Sally Calliham, Class of 1971 -- Tom Smith (1969) is searching for you.
Walter Chapin, Class of 1965 -- Terry Littleton (see Class of 1965) is searching for you.
Laura Layman, Class of 1964 -- Editor, The East High Alumni Page is searching for you in connection with your involvement in the 1992 "Mustang Roundup Alumni Reunion."
Marilyn Meyers Class of 1960 -- Andrea Lynn ('59) is searching for you.

Members of the Class of 1961 - A person who never attended East but who attended Sherwood Jr. High School then moved from Memphis is seeking old friends from Sherwood and before. She believes many may have been in the East class of 1961. Jean Hodges specifically remembers the names of Carla Sue Umpfleet, Dennis Turnipseed, Anita Lyons, Mary Louise Lambert, Richard Hayes, and Jimmy Campbell. If you attended Sherwood or know Jean Hodges, she would like to hear from you. Her e-mail address is:

Members of the Class of 1951 - This class has done an outstanding job of seeking class members and letting them know about The East High Alumni Page. However, the following classmates have not been located:

If you are on this list, please let us know and we will forward your location to a class representative! You may contact The East High Alumni Page via e-mail at or postal service: P. O. Box 11384, Memphis, TN. 38111-0384.

All/Any Class Reunion coordinators and committee members - Of course The East High Alumni Page is searching for reunion coordinators for all classes!

*As always, use common sense and discretion when giving out contact information. It might be wise to let the person who is being sought know who is seeking to contact them and getting permission to forward contact information to the seeker.

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