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The East High Alumni Page presents:
 East High Video  
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Film of East High before it opened and as classes began in 1948.
We recommend you use the pause button frequently to get a better look!


Some things to notice:
At 9 seconds into the video, the pile of construction materials/debris in the school's front yard;
at 19 seconds into the video, the concrete base of the flag pole does not yet have the metal plaque on it with architects and school board members' names;
at 12 seconds into the video, a ladder can be seen extending up one of the columns on the right side of the front entrance;
at 34 seconds into the video, as we understand it, that baby became a graduate of East High School and a member of the 12 year club (having attended East 1st through 12th grades);
at 55 seconds into the video, what we believe are children going to the very first day of school at East. Notice one child is wearing shorts! We're not sure that was allowed even in Elementary for long;
at 1:31 into the video, all those fancy cars in the front parking lot!

Do you see other interesting aspects in this film? Do you have video of East you'd be willing to share? Let us know at editor@EastHigh.org

The East High Alumni Page has long sought video of the early days at East and we are very grateful the earliest days were filmed and it has been shared with us. Thank you Steve Canaday ('67).

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