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The East High Alumni Page presents:
 East High Video  
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee


Film of the Class of 1958

Dr. Robert Scherer liked to take home movies and, like any father, one of his favorite subjects was his daughter, Kay. Fortunately for East alumni and especially the Class of 1958, Kay was a member of that class. Kay has preserved the films and now is graciously allowing us to share them here. The choices you see below were various clips all on one reel of film as Kay projected it and recorded it with a video camera. We have divided the film by the subject matter of the various clips but it will play through to the end from wherever you start it.  We hope you enjoy the movie!

Turn you sound on, Kay Scherer ('58) narrates.

Note: Macintosh users please start the video using the arrow in the middle of the image. Apparently there is a problem using the segment title links.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Kay Scherer Henderson for preserving and sharing the films her father made.

If you have video, or audio for that matter, of East High and/or East High activities from years gone by and would be willing to share it on these pages, please contact editor@EastHigh.org

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