The East High Alumni Page presents:
East Elementary School
Memphis, Tennessee

Mrs. Trenor's Kindergarten
at East High (Elementary) School
approximately 1949 - 1957

Our teachers at Mrs. Trenor's Kindergarten:
Mrs. Trenor kindergarten teacher Mrs. Fontain, kindergarten teacher and pianist kindergarten teacher
Mrs. Trenor Mrs. Church Mrs. Fontain Mrs. Cox

We are told that Mrs. Fontain played the piano for kindergarten songs and performances.

We also have a report from an attendee that there was a kindergarten at East in later years, 1973-74 specifically being mentioned but we have no further information about that kindergarten.

Since we doubt we'll ever know which kindergarten teacher taught which class, we will divide recollections and pictures from the kindergarten years by dates rather than by teacher.

Images and recollections by year:

1955-56 Kindergarten Classes (High school graduating class of 1968)

1956-57 Kindergarten Classes (High school graduating class of 1969)*

Your photographs from kindergarten classes are needed!
Send them to us or inquire further of

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