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Special Showing at East High School

Special Invitation to Alumni and Friends
Sunday, October 10, 2010     3:00 p.m.    Free

Heart of Stone

Heart of StoneBefore 1960, their old school was one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Now the older Jewish and current African-American alumni cross cultures and join together to return their alma mater to its former glory.

An award winning documentary about a passionate principal of an inner-city high school who inspires dueling gangs to relinquish their weapons for education’s sake.

A discussion about helping East High School will follow the movie.

We are told the showing of this movie at East "is not a money raising but a conscious raising event."

The New York Times: "Two things keep 'Heart of Stone' from being like every other documentary about a dedicated principal who tries to turn a failed urban high school around. One is the alumni angle. The other is the sobering way the film ends...

"The film spends considerable time focusing on a heartening effort by alumni — mostly white and Jewish — from the school’s pre-Newark-riots glory days to improve things at Weequahic, which is now largely black. And then there’s that ending. Locals know what happened shortly after the 2007 graduation recorded here, but in the nonspoiler spirit, let’s just say this: There is one thing that trumps even the most noble of efforts."

Showing sponsored by: Bridges, The Jewish Foundation, Peer Power, Indie Memphis, and others.

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