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Guidelines for selection of Alumni, Faculty, and Staff to The East High Alumni Page Hall of Honors.

To be accepted to the Hall of Honor (the Hall), any living nominee must have reached his/her 40th birthday. Posthumous nominations have no age requirement.

For acceptance into the Hall, a nominee must have demonstrated in a public way, whether the public nature was intended or not, significant accomplishment of a honorable nature considerably above a beyond the norm. The Hall recognizes that everyone is human and no person is without missteps in life. Acceptance into the Hall does not require nor does it imply that an honoree's life meets a standard of honor without blemish. However, significantly negative missteps in a nominee's history can be disqualifying regardless of an otherwise honorable accomplishment.

The following circumstances are not necessarily disqualifying: a routine divorce, poverty, wealth, minor criminal violation if the individual has reformed and pursued a more honorable life thereafter.

An honoree may be removed from the Hall upon significant dishonorable conduct which comes to light after acceptance into the Hall. Removal from The East High Alumni Page display shall be quietly and without explanation, except upon request the explanation may be provided on an individual basis to fellow alumni at the discretion of the editor.

Additional weight is given to nominations of alumni who graduated from East High School. Students who attended at one time or another are not automatically excluded, however, nominations for such persons shall have a less likelihood of being approved.

Not withstanding these policy rules, the editor of The East High Alumni Page retains all rights of review and acceptance, rejection, or editing of all content on The East High Alumni Page, including the Hall of Honors.

These policies may be modified at any time by the editor of The East High Alumni Page.

This is the original draft of these guidelines. Suggestions to improve them will be considered and may be sent to editor@EastHigh.org.

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Version 1 (January, 2008)