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The East High Alumni Page presents:

1948 Newspaper Photo of the Campus from Poplar Avenue & Homles Street
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

This is a newspaper photo published in January, 1948 showing the campus of East High School from the intersection of Poplar and Holmes. The editor of The East High Alumni Page questions whether this is a 1948 or perhaps an earlier photo because there is no major construction apparent in the picture. East High was more than 90 percent completed and open for classes by September, 1948 so there is the thought that the building construction would be obvious in a photo from this vantage point if it were taken in January, 1948. Regardless, this is a fascinating photo of the campus area prior to the school. Yes, we firmly believe that little street is Holmes as it intersects with Poplar Avenue.
East High Campus, newspaper published photo, 1948

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Added to The East High Alumni Page Feb. 9, 2008