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Reunion Plans and Reviews
Class of 1951

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
First Class All the Way--
Class of '51 Reunites

Plans for & coverage of the Reunion of the East High Class of 1951 will be posted here.

2001 Reunion Snapshots
Class Group Pictures

    [last updated May 5, 2001] - Every reunion of an East High School class is special. East High has a rich tradition. Because of the timing of the birth of East, the transition of society, the growing middle class, and numerous other factors, the earlier the graduating class, the more special it is. This weekend, then, perhaps the most special of all East High Classes celebrated its graduation. And a special celebration it was -- the 50 year anniversary of that commencement exercise, the very first in East High's history.

The Class of 1951 concluded its 50-year reunion tonight with a social hour and dinner. Turnout was good and the classmates looked good and had fun. Special guests were Mrs. Lilburne Vollmer, who taught the class beginning in 1949, the second year East was open, and Mr Milton Burchfield, East's current principal, and his wife.

A luncheon was held earlier Saturday at the Steak and Ale Restaurant.

Class members and guests gathered Friday night at the Union Planters headquarters building for a social hour and catered Corky's barbecue meal. Numerous items to stir the memories were on display, including copies of The Mustang Roundup from the very first issue through its second year of publication, the composite picture of the senior class, a letter sweater, and pictures of senior events and past reunions. A board displayed pictures and names of deceased class members.

About 60 were registered to attend the reunion events and most attended both evening events where these long time friends seemed to really enjoy the evening.

The East High Class of 1951 was and is first class.

Photographs of the event are availabe here.
Class members or guests attending the reunion events are invited to submit their own commentary on the parties or send us pictures for posting here. Contact us at editor@EastHigh.org.

[previously posted April 30, 2000] - The following letter concerning the Class of 1951 reunion is being distributed by the organizers:


April 22, 2000

Dear [classmate]

50 years + 56 "yes" replies = A SMASH HIT!

It's been an extraordinary response to an effort over the past 60 days to contact 69 people by letter, phone, and email -- and deliver the news about coming together again a half-century after going our separate ways in our graduation from East High.

We know that you will be as thrilled as we were in seeing the YES list take shape. Attached is a list of the 56: 40 people on the list indicated they are "definitely interested," and 16 indicated they "may be interested."

The next step is the work of the Reunion Committee under the leadership of Joe Stephenson. They will determine the date and begin arranging all the exciting events.

Thank you for your commitment. We have the makings of a truly super 50th reunion!

Carolyn Massey Katov and Bill White

[Editor's note: the "Yes" list of names is not being published here.]

[previously posted on March 12, 2000] - The Class of 1951 has begun organizational efforts to prepare for 50 year reuion. Individuals are taking responsiblity for various parts of the organizing effort and the first letters to class members have gone out. Details will be posted here as they become available.

Reunion Photographs

Class of 1951 Reunion in 2001
Class of 1951 Reunion in 1991
Class of 1951 Reunion in 1982

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