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Donations to
The East High Alumni Page

Monetary donations for the operation and other expenses of The East High Alumni Page may be made by sending a check or money order as follows:
Check or money order
payable to K. L. Welch

mail to:
The East High Alumni Page
c/o K. L. Welch
P O Box 11384
Memphis TN 38111-0384

Please also see our sponsorship opportunties if you have a business you would like to promote while supporting The East High Alumni Page.

Questions and answers about our donation program

Q. Why are you soliciting donations?
A. We are acknowledging that we have received donations and had no policy to accept them. Because of a lack of policy, we have returned checks sent to us, which we think was less than polite to people who want to help maintain our page. With this policy, we can now accept donations from those whose own inititive creates a will to contribute monetarily. We really do not intend to be actively solicting contributions. Another part of this answer is that there are costs associated with maintaing The East High Alumni Page.

Q. Does the acceptance of donations replace the sponsorship opportunities?
A. No. The original idea of the sponsorship announcements was to allow those alumni who had their own businesses let other alumni know that and we thought it might make the minimal investment in the sponsorships a worthwhile business practice. The few sponsorships that have resulted have simply been a means by a few alumni to help support our alumni page, but no one actually sought to gain business from their sponsorship announcement. Although our original idea has been wrong, there might come a time when some alumnus feels his/her business might benefit from a sponsorship, so those opportunities remain. However, for the individual who just thinks they would like to help The East High Alumni Page financially, the personal donation program may fit those interests better.

Q. Are donations tax deductable?
A. No, not at this time. The East High Alumni Page is not an incorporated entity so as far as we know there is no tax benefit from donating to it. As always, for more information about tax deductions, consult the appropriate professional.

Q. How much of my donation goes to the school?
A. None. Aside from honoring East High School and the people we knew there, The East High Alumni Page is not associated with East High School other than those who produce it and the participants are former students, faculty, and staff of the school. This is not to say that if millions of dollars rolled in we wouldn't contribute to our alma mater. But as a matter of routine and expectation, we do not anticipate any of the donated funds going directly to the school.

Q. Should I make a donation to the East High Alumni Page if I use it?
A. We invite all East High School alumni and former and current faculty and staff to participate by sending in their profiles and by enjoying the material on our web site regardless of their interest in or ability to donate.

Q. If I were to donate, what how much should I give?
A. That is entirely up to you. Our page is free for your enjoyment. Any donation is above and beyond our expectations.

Q. What do I get for my donation?
A. The only thing The East High Alumni Page can offer is the thanks from the editor(s) and, by extension, the gratitude of all the alumni who view and enjoy our web site. We know of no other benefit you will receive. Donors will receive no special opportunities or influence beyond that which is outlined here. Those making donations will have the same opportunities as non-donors for participation on committees or other groups which help guide the direction of The East High Alumni Page and other projects the page may organize.

Q. I hate being solicited for donations. Why are you doing this?
A. As we've said, to provide a means of accepting donations to help defray the costs of our alumni page. We've turned down donations in the past, going so far as to return checks sent to us. We don't like being rude, especially to those who appreciate our efforts, nor do we wish to prohibit a wider participation in our alumni page. So we really need to make this opportunity available. And as we've also said, we don't mean to be soliciting your contribution, but rather making a process avialable if you, of your own volition, want to donate. As far as the other solicitations you receive, we are sure many are from very worthwhile organizations and encourage you not to substitute a donation to our alumni page for one which you would otherwise make.

Q. I have other questions about donations, can I have them answered?
A. We will try to answer legitimate questions if you e-mail us at editor@EastHigh.org. We don't promise we will know the answer, however.

Q. I want to donate to The East High Alumni Page. How do I do it?
A. Send a check or money order to payable to K. L. Welch at the address near the top of this page.

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